Welcome to SANtools ®, Inc.

SANtools provides software and consulting services for manufacturers, OEMS and resellers of storage peripherals, subsystems, and SAN and NAS appliances. We've written configurators & monitoring software; can inject errors so you can assess performance impact and data validity; know how to improve burn-in; and much more. We have NDAs and relationships with numerous enclosure and RAID controller manufacturers like Infortrend, Xyratex, 3WARE/AMCC, LSI/Engenio, as well as the computer system vendors such as HP, IBM and Sun. Many of these companies even use our tools in their labs to assist with testing or product design.

Picture of the SANTOOLPlease click here for details on our next generation product, the SANTOOLTM. (Preliminary documentation is http://www.santools.com/santool. (Apologies in advance -- the documentation is VERY preliminary, and will be updated several times a day week of April 27th).

We are familiar with the black arts of storage, and have numerous software black boxes that we can customize for you. The hardware manufacturers use closely-guarded product-specific programming interfaces, hidden diagnostics, reporting and diagnostic capability, and our software gives you access to this. (In the form of executable software, as we will never violate non-disclosure agreements with with these manufacturers).

We are also the author's of SMARTMon and SMARTMon-UX, the only S.M.A.R.T. disk monitoring software that supports SCSI, Fibre channel, IDE, iSCSI, SATA, SAS, and SSA peripherals on  Windows and all major UNIX/LINUX platforms.

"... this product's ability to remotely detect dying customer disks makes it almost irresistible for rolling out across the enterprises you manage. SMART Disk Monitor enlists the aid of hundreds of S.M.A.R.T. sensors that detect such relevant--but obscure--attributes such as temperature, spin-up and downtime, and internal error logs. SMART Disk Monitor informs you, through e-mail or a Windows pop-up, when one of these characteristics is out of sync with the drive manufacturer's settings. With that, you--the reseller with a star--can ride in to save the data. SMART Disk Monitor works with SCSI, Fiber Channel, SSA and IDE disks." - Sm@rt Reseller Magazine

"This is the best program we've found so far for monitoring and reporting on system-wide SMART disks ... I'd absolutely make sure I was running this software." -The Backup Book by Dorian Cougias, Heiberger, Koop - ISBN 0-9729039-0-9