Products & Services for Storage OEMS, VARs, and Integrators

If you are a storage subsystem vendor, then we have numerous offerings that can decrease time to market, provide add-on features and functionality, and assist with problem diagnosis, tuning, and testing/evaluation.

We have two off-the-shelf software diagnostic packages in the SANtoolsTM family. SMARTMon is the working name we give to the Windows-only version which is designed as a desktop tool for home and business users. The program is also known as SMART Disk Monitor. (That is because when it was introduced back in '96, monitoring S.M.A.R.T. on SCSI and IBM SSA disks was all that the program did.) This software runs everything from Windows ME to Windows 2003, but is limited to the 32-bit Microsoft windows operating systems.

SMARTMon-UX is a command-line version that is ported to most UNIX and LINUX operating systems as well as both 32 and 64-bit Windows. Both products can run stand-alone, or can be deployed as part of an enterprise storage management solution. Storage engineers, RAID subsystem manufacturers, advanced users, VARs, OEMs, and system administrators would generally prefer SMARTMon-UX due to its extensive diagnostic, testing, and monitoring capability. This package, quite frankly, is not for the user who doesn't need to flash drive firmware, look at fibre channel LIPs, send SES commands, or report the last few opcodes that a SATA disk logged before it reported an error. If you are in the storage biz or want to just have the flexibility of a highly scriptable command-line utility that is ported to all major operating systems, then you should look at the manual.

Emergency RAID Configuration / Metadata Recovery
We restore RAID configurations for Mylex-family controllers if/when they become corrupted or just disappear as a result of hardware failure or operator error.