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If this software was bundled on your computer or storage subsystem by your hardware vendor, you must contact them for technical support. If however, you purchased the software directly from us, you may contact us by sending E-MAIL to support@santools.com


Our URLs:

Main:                        http://www.SANtools.com

S.M.A.R.T. Disk Monitor        http://www.SANtools.com/smartmon

This online manual                http://www.SANtools.com/smart/unix/manual


Please remember that we are not experts on what each error message or warning on a device means. We also cannot tell you how much life is left in a drive once it records a critical error.


We do report all significant information which will allow you to have a meaningful conversation with your computer vendor who will assess if the condition warrants a replacement. Sometimes the problem is in your controller, cabling, or device configuration.