Configuring for Automatic Start Up at Boot

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If you are running a UNIX or LINUX operating system, the configure script invoked at installation will ask you if you want your O/S to automatically start the program when your computer enters the multi-user mode. It will prompt you for your desired settings, such as polling period and email address to send alerts to.


Windows-family users can utilize standard tools to invoke this program automatically at boot time by just configuring it  in the startup folder with the appropriate options.


Notes for Apple users:

If you inform the installer that you want the program to launch at boot time, it makes the appropriate entries in the /Library/StartupItems/smartmon-ux directory. The program executable, however, will still be installed as /etc/smartmon-ux.


Notes for Windows users:

When the program is installed as a windows service (-serviceinstall), it will be configured to autolaunch at system boot time. You can change this parameter by launching the service control manager applet and configuring the software to run as a manual process. If you wish the service routine to manually launch after boot, use the service control applet (from control panel) to configure the program for manual startup.

See the Running as a Windows Service section for full information.


We made significant modifications in version 1.35 so it runs as a service under Windows Vista, and Windows 2008, and so it automatically launches at power-up.