Hardware & Software Requirements

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Hardware Requirements

SMARTMon-UX supports SCSI, Fibre Channel, USB, Fire wire (IEEE 1384), ATAPI, SAS, and IBM SSA peripherals which are physically connected to your system. It will not monitor or discover remote disk drives attached by a network interface. It will, however, support fibre channel disk drives attached via a storage area network through a hub or switch.


In addition, the LINUX 32,  LINUX 64, OS X, SPARC Solaris, and Windows-family operating systems support IDE (ATA & SATA) disk drives.


If you have a fibre channel enclosure that supports SCSI Enclosure Services (SES), SMARTMon-UX can be configured to also monitor the enclosure and it's components.


Software Requirements

SMARTMon-UX for LINUX supports LINUX kernels 2.4 through 2.6. Our LINUX development/test platforms use Red Hat distributions, but there are no known issues with non-Red Hat LINUX distributions. Both 32-bit X86, 64-bit IA64 (Itanium), and EMT_64 (also called X86_64) versions exist.   Our test environment for LINUX is RedHat, and while we have no known issues with other LINUX variants, it would be unwise to document that we support all versions of LINUX.


SMARTMon-UX for AIX supports AIX 5.0 and above.


SMARTMon-UX for HP-UX supports HP-UX version 10.x and 11.x using the PA-RISC architecture.


SMARTMon-UX for HP-UX/Itanium supports HP-UX version 11.x on Intel Itanium-family servers.


SMARTMon-UX for SPARC Solaris supports Solaris versions 2.7 and above. (Version 2.6 may still work, but we no longer test on that platform)


SMARTMon-UX for HP's Tru64 requires version 5.1 (but may run on previous versions depending on your hardware).


SMARTMon-UX for i86 Solaris (for Intel and compatible processors) supports Solaris versions 2.7 and above.


SMARTMon-UX for IRIX supports IRIX versions 6.5 and above. It will probably work on previous versions of IRIX, but we have not tested it in older revisions of the operating system.


SMARTMon-UX for UNIXWARE supports UNIXWARE version 7.0 and above. This release is not in general availability.


SMARTMon-UX for WindowsTM supports Microsoft Windows(TM) Windows XP, Windows 2003, Vista (32 and 64-bit) and Windows 2008. Windows 7 is under test as of Oct 31 2009.


SMARTMon-UX for 64-bit Windows supports the Itanium and X86_64 builds for 64-bit Windows XP, 64-bit Windows 2003, and 64-bit Vista and Windows 2008.


SMARTMon-UX for Apple OS X supports Version 10.2.3 (Jaguar) and above. In addition, it will only monitor and detect fibre channel devices attached to the Astera Technologies "Rhino" fibre channel HBA, using drivers that were created after January 20th, 2003. IDE (ATA) disk drive support was added in release 1.28.  There is no support for SCSI devices.


SMARTMon-UX for Apple OS X (Intel) Supports 10.5.0 and above.  This only supports ATA/SATA disks due to Apple's inane stance that prevents vendors from sending pass-through commands to SCSI/Fibre channel peripherals without writing device-specific drivers.


SMARTMon-UX for OpenVMS (originally called VMS) supports VMS 7.2 and above. Versions exist for both the Alpha and Itanium platforms.


Other operating systems will be added, based on end user requests.


Runtime Requirements

As this software can allow administrators to not only monitor their peripherals, but reprogram mode pages, we programmatically require that the software is run from root, or as superuser.


If you are running Windows XP, or 2003, then you must run it from a user with administrative privileges or as a windows service program. (The program will run as a windows service as of release 1.29).  The software is UAC-aware.


Apple OS X users may either run the program from root, or use sudo.


The SNIA HBA API Library is supported under AIX, HP-UX, Windows, LINUX, and SPARC Solaris. We bundle two executables with the distribution, one that requires the API to be installed on your host, the other neither uses nor requires it.