Installing & Configuring

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To install the program under a UNIX or LINUX operating system:

1. Log in as root.  (If you are on an apple, you  may also just preface the below commands with sudo).

2. Enter mkdir <target directory> For purposes of example, we will assume you have set the target directory to be /tmp/SMARTMon-UX.

3. Enter cd /tmp/SMARTMon-UX

4. Enter tar xvf SMARTMon-UX.tar

5. Enter rm SMARTMon-UX.tar


At this point, your program is extracted and now needs to be configured so it will automatically run at boot time. To do this, enter ./configure at the prompt. This script performs the following:


Sets file permissions.
Copies the program image to /etc/smartmon-ux, the designated program location.
Asks you where you want to optionally install this HTML documentation.
Asks you if you want to make the software automatically start at boot time, and if so, runs you through your desired configuration options.


If you plan on using the EMAIL facility, you should test it first. If your email address was, invoke SMARTMon-UX with smartmon-ux -T


If your host has email properly configured, you would receive a test message.  If you do not receive it, please contact your UNIX system administrator and have him/her assist you with configuring email services.


If you are running LINUX, you would use the linuxconf command. Then click on the sendmail configuration section, and follow the prompts. If you need assistance configuring sendmail, you should view one of the many tutorials and FAQ's on the site.


Other operating systems have web-based tutorials and mail configuration scripts as well.


To install the program under Windows family operating systems:

This software is light-weight and does not use an installer.  By convention, copy the executable to \Program Files\SANtools\SMARTMonUX subdirectory. The license file, .smartmon-uxlicense.txt that accompanies your build must be copied to the same directory.  Once the two files have been copied, launch a MS-DOS command window and enter, smartmon-ux -I.  This will instruct the program to scan and report connected peripherals, and load the value in the license file into your registry. Once that has been done, you are free to run the software from any mounted device your computer can access.


Note that there IS a leading period in the license file.


To install the program under VMS / OpenVMS:

Copy the program to any directory on the system that has system privileges, along with the your license key file SMARTMON.LIC.