Storage Area Network (SAN) I/O Statistics

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This function can be equated with the standard Unix iostat program.  It is designed to show throughput and errors measured at each fibre channel controller port. This feature does not issue any I/Os to any fibre channel peripherals. It just queries your local HBAs via the SNIA HBA API library for cumulative totals it maintains.



smartmon-ux -fciostat [-h] [-k] [-r] [-t] [-x] [-?] [<interval>] [<count>]



-h                Suppress descriptive headers between each polling interval

-k                Convert words transmitted and received to kilobytes/sec (each word is 4 bytes long)

-r                Display raw values (do not calculate totals over time)

-t                Display timestamp column

-x                Display Extended statistical data columns.

-?                Displays Usage and header information. This must be only option after -fciostat

interval        Period in seconds between each poll.  If you do not enter an interval, program will display cumulative totals

count        Number of iterations program should perform before exiting. This must be used in conjunction with an interval.


Example #1:  Display Usage and Headers


./smartmon-ux -fciostat -?

SMARTMon-ux [Release 1.24, Build 25-JAN-2004] - Copyright 2001-2004 SANtools, Inc.

Usage:  ./smartmon-ux -fciostat [ options...] [ <interval> ] [ <count> ]

  Options are:

   -h  Suppress extra headers between each polling period

   -k  Display stats in KB/sec (1 KB = 1000 Bytes)

   -r  Display raw rules (don't calculate totals over time)

   -t  Display timestamp

   -x  Display extended information

   -?  Display help information

 <interval> = seconds between each poll

 <count>    = number of iterations before exiting


     tps     Transactions per second (Total frames transmitted & received)

 Tx_Fr/s     Transmitted frames per second

 Rx_Fr/s     Received frames per second

 Words_T     Words (4 bytes each) transmitted

 Words_R     Words (4 bytes each) received

    LIPs     LIP events on arbitrated loop

    NOSs     NOS events on switched fabric

    Errs     Error frames

   DumpF     Dumped frames

   LinkF     Link failures

   SyncF     Loss of SYNCs

   SignF     Loss of signals

   ProtE     Primitive sequential protocol errors

    TrxE     Invalid transmission words

    CRCE     Invalid CRCs

Note - Not all HBAs and/or HBA drivers support reporting any or all of this information


Example #2: Poll and report totals every 10 seconds.

This is how the fciostat will normally be used. The fields shown in blue are the ones that only appear if the -x (for extended) flag is selected. Comments are in {violet}

smartmon-ux -fciostat -k -x -t -h 10

SMARTMon-ux [Release 1.23D, Build  7-JAN-2004] - Copyright 2001-2004 SANtools, Inc.

Linux 2.4.9-18smp (     01/07/04  {O/S version followed by fully qualified host name, then date}


Device:                      Time          tps      Tx_Fr/s      Rx_Fr/s       KB_T/s      KB_Rx/s LIPs  NOSs  Errs DumpF LinkF SyncF SignF ProtE  TrxE  CRCE

Emulex-LP8000-1          21:10:37       7209.3       6227.0       982.26       998.91        10611   1   n/a     0   n/a     0     8     0     0     1     0

qlogic-qla2300-0         21:10:37          n/a          n/a          n/a          n/a          n/a     0   n/a     1   n/a     1     0    30     0    28     0

Emulex-LP8000-1          21:10:48       1813.3       1101.0       712.24       1067.3       1082.7     0   n/a     0   n/a     0     0     0     0     0     0

qlogic-qla2300-0         21:10:48          n/a          n/a          n/a          n/a          n/a     0   n/a     0   n/a     0     0     0     0     0     0

Emulex-LP8000-1          21:10:57       923.03       803.98       119.05       6.6533       1160.9     0   n/a     0   n/a     0     0     0     0     0     0

qlogic-qla2300-0         21:10:57          n/a          n/a          n/a          n/a          n/a     0   n/a     0   n/a     0     0     0     0     0     0

Emulex-LP8000-1          21:11:07       511.34       340.93       170.41       9.6208       184.74     0   n/a     0   n/a     0     0     0     0     0     0




Unfortunately not all models of HBAs monitor and/or report all statistical data information defined by the SNIA specification. In general, many models of Q-Logic HBAs do not maintain statistical totals for words and frames transmitted and received.  The Emulex and JNI HBAs usually report all but a few fields.  SMARTMonUX will display n/a or leave fields blank, rather than report zeros for information that is not available.
If your HBA does not report some statistical data fields, you should check the HBA BIOS and/or firmware revision to see if they are current. If not, update the drivers. We discovered that Emulex LP8000s would report throughput information once the firmware was upgraded.  You can use the -fchbainfo option to see the firmware revision of your HBAs.
If your HBA does not report the throughput fields, and you do not specify the -x option to view extended information, then SMARTMonUX will suppress displaying of data for that particular HBA after the first poll.