Storage Area Network (SAN) HBA Info

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Use the -fchbainfo command to report information specific to the make, model, and drivers for your fibre channel HBA(s).  Unlike the -fc command, this does not search for devices attached to the HBAs. It just reports information specific to the HBAs installed in your system.



[root@BOSS smartmon]# ./smartmon-ux -fchbainfo

SMARTMon-ux [Release 1.23D, Build  7-JAN-2004] - Copyright 2001-2004 SANtools, Inc.

Number of supported adapters:           2

 Adapter #0 Description:                [OK]

  Name:                                 Emulex-LP8000-1

  Manufacturer:                         Emulex Corporation

  Serial number:                        0000c92304fe

  Model:                                LP8000

  Model description:                    Emulex LightPulse LP8000 1 Gigabit PCI Fibre Channel Adapter

  Node WWN:                             20:00:00:00:C9:23:04:FE

  Node symbolic name:

  Hardware version:                     2002506d

  Driver version:                       4.30l; HBAAPI v1.4, 11-19-02

  Option ROM version:

  Firmware version:                     3.91A3

  VendorSpecific ID:                    F80010DFh

  Number of ports:                      1

  Driver name:                          lpfcdd

  IP Unit Type:                         07h (HBA)

  Port ID:                              00h

  Number Of Attached Nodes:             0

  IP Version:                           01h (IPV4)

  UDPPort:                              00h

  IP Address:                 

  Discovery Flags:                      00h ()


 Adapter #1 Description:                [OK]

  Name:                                 qlogic-qla2300-0

  Manufacturer:                         Qlogic Corp.

  Serial number:                        J98648

  Model:                                QLA2312

  Model description:                    QLogic QLA2312

  Node WWN:                             20:00:00:E0:8B:0F:F8:3C

  Node symbolic name:                   QLA2312  HBA Driver

  Hardware version:                     FC5010409-11

  Driver version:                       v.6.01.00-fo

  Option ROM version:                   v.1.34

  Firmware version:                     v. 3.01.13

  VendorSpecific ID:                    0h

  Number of ports:                      1

  Driver name:                          qla2300




If you have an HBA that does not appear, then check to see that the vendor's SNIA API Library is properly installed and configured on your system. Remember, there is an HBAAPI runtime, which is common to all HBAs, and there are vendor/HBA-unique library files that have to be installed and referenced in the /etc/hba.conf file or your Windows registry.
SMARTMonUX and the SNIA HBA API both report mixing and matching HBA vendors, models, and firmware.  That does not mean that your HBA vendors support "foreign" HBA vendor cards and/or drivers.