What Immediate Actions Should I Take

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If the alert is related to the enclosure, such as a redundant power supply failure, contact your storage vendor for further instructions.


If, however, the alert is disk-related, do NOT recycle power on your system (if you can help it). This is because recycling power puts the greatest amount of stress on disk drives, and it is possible your drive will not spin up again after spinning down.


You should then immediately back-up your data and replace your hard disk drive, because a failure may be imminent. Sometimes you have a few hours. Other times the drive will work properly for days or even months. The important thing to remember is that your very sophisticated drive's internal diagnostics have detected a condition where the drive is in a degrading mode. One or more components are now out of specification.


You should contact Technical Support and give them the reported message. They will take necessary measures and will inform you accordingly.